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Our home is our fortress, where we feel safe, enjoy the tranquillity and spoil ourselves and our loved ones, and each room has a special function. The living room is the place where we snuggle to read a book or to watch a favourite TV show, and sometimes it is filled with laughter of guests. The bedroom is important for a good night’s rest or lazy weekend mornings in bed, meanwhile the kitchen is the place where we start our day with a cup of coffee or tea, or where delicious family dinners are born. We all are different, therefore we create home to return to based on our individual desires and needs.

At SENATOR Baltic we understand that home has to be beautiful, comfortable, functional and certainly of high-quality, therefore our specialists not only will help you to choose furniture according to your expectations, priorities, financial viability, but also will provide other services which have the same importance when creating a home. If you want to save your time and receive a professional help, we can choose and purchase kitchen appliances for you, also to deliver furniture and assemble them at your convenience.

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